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  • Oral Steroids

    Oral steroids are preferred by athletes who want to achieve quick results. The reason is that oral steroids are in ready form and since they are consumed, they instantly go within the first-pass metabolism process and enter the bloodstream to activate their anabolic steroids effects.

  • Injectable Steroids

    Bodybuilders opt for injectable steroids over oral steroids for various reasons. First, injectable steroids have fewer side effects than their oral forms of steroids. Injectable steroids don't have the 17 alpha alkylation as the majority of oral steroids, a chemical modification that is injurious to the liver. Instead, injectable steroids contain esters to make them longer-acting. Injectable steroids also have fewer health risks compared to oral steroids since they are chemically created to bypass the digestive system. Because of that, athletes who are into prolonged steroids cycles usually prefer injectable steroids.

  • Injectable Steroid...

    Injectable Steroid Sachets are anabolic steroids packed in small sachets, it means that they are the same anabolic agents as injectable steroids but in a new packaging. Anabolic Steroids are controlled substances and as you know you can buy steroids legally only by having a valid prescription. If you're using steroids for other non medical purposes, then this is not a problem, we sell the same steroids but in sachets to circumvent this issue.

    Steroid sachets can easily pass through scanner detection of customs officers or postal workers. Distinctive markings may be on the steroid sachets, such as a number or text code; the persons who see them conclude that the sachets merely contain oil, shampoo or something else.

  • Ancillaries

    PCT aka Post-Cycle Therapy is one of the most important part of an successful and complete anabolic steroids cycle, because it ensures you, that you retain the muscle gains you obtain during an anabolic steroids cycle.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items