Ecstacy Tablets


Wide stock of variety of ecstacy pills.

PRICE------- $10 per Pill

Content----- MDMA 95%

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  • Purple Transformer 

    Any color rhino

    Pink bombshell / gem

    White Yin-Yang 

    Any color Lexus

    Yellow naked lady 

    Any color mitsubishi 

    White $ Pokeball 

    Yellow Ferrari

    Blue Pikachu

    Blue Snoopy 

    Yellow Superman 

    Green Mario Cutout 

    Yellow Trident 

    Purple Naked Lady

    Blue/Red Ecko Rhino 

    Yellow Thinking Man Pokeball 

    White Ghostbusters 

    Pink Star 

    White Davinci Code 

    White Red Bull 

    White zzTop 

    red/pink heart 

    White Ferrari 

    White Lego 

    White Warner Brothers 

    White GO 

    Blue Transformer 

    Blue Paul Frank 

    Any color dove

    Captain Planet

    Orange G Lady 

    Light Blue G Lady 

    Brown Diamond 

    Blue Superman 

    White G Lady 

    Orange Heart 

    Teal/Blue Baseball Player 

    Red Star 

    White G Lady 

    Homer Simpson 


    Pink Shell 

    Blue Heart 

    Blue New York 

    Orange Swan 

    Light Blue Transformer 

    Pink Transformer 

    Red Mercedes 

    Peach New York Yankees

    Paul Frank Cutout 

    Green Dolphin 

    Yellow Butterfly 

    Yellow Playboy

    Blue Louis Vuitton 

    Orange Apple 

    Blue Dolphin 

    Blue Star of David

    Light Blue Star of David 

    Grey Smiley 

    Orange Stewie

    Blue Heart 

    Green Heart

    Paul Frank Outpress 

    Blue Sirius Radio Dogs 

    Orange Smiley 

    Yellow Pacman 

    Green Rolex 

    Blue Dolphin 

    Red Airplane 

    Supermans, Transformers, Green Lantern 

    White Dragonfly 

    Blue Dolphin 

    Green Naked Lady - cocaine/caffeine 

    Green Dragonfly 

    Blue Naked Lady 

    Green Euro 

    Orange Batman 

    Teal Canucks 

    Green Nike 

    Purple HH 

    Red Star of David 

    Green Yin Yang 

    Purple Monster 

    Orange Superman 

    Blue / Green Puma 

    Purple Nike 

    Green Hello Kitty 

    Green Nike 

    Green Thinking Man 

    Orange Batman 

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